The Kaltura Player provides you with multiple interactive viewing options, such as Picture-in-Picture, Side-by-Side, and other displays. 

The following lists the Kaltura Player's interactive viewing options:


Toggle Views - Enables you to toggle between the presentation and the videos.

Picture in Picture - Enables you to view the captured content, the presentation and the video, in a single player.

Side by Side - Enables you to view the content in two equal parts of the screen, where the presentation and video are displayed side by side.

Single View - Enables you to view the content captured in a specific stream, either presentation or video, in a single player.

Dual Stream for multiple videos - Enables you to view two concurrent streams such as the presenter, the classroom, or the presentation, that are taking place during the same event. You can choose to view them as Picture in Picture, or Side by Side. Regardless of the view you choose, both streams are synchronized to the same point in time.


Drag and Drop —Lets users drag picture in Picture screen to desired location.

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