When using teaching spaces in the Whitman School of Management, please keep the following points in mind: 

  • Please be mindful of the instructor who will be arriving right after your class has ended so that they may have time to log into the computer, access files for classroom use, and set up any equipment that they may be using without taking away from their class time.
  • Remind students to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Each classroom has seating arrangement stickers.
  • Instructors are encouraged to stay within the teaching station floor marker box.
  • Remind students to use the trash cans located near the exits in each classroom to deposit any papers, candy wrappers, etc before leaving the class.
  • Sign on using your credentials on the teacher station PC. Using an additional device (laptop, tablet, etc. with the HDMI connection) will not have the same capabilities as the teacher station PC (microphones, Elmo Document Camera, etc.)
  • Check for any DVD/CD discs or USB flash drives in the computer or standalone player before you leave. 
  • Log off the computer at the end of class. Please do not shut down or restart the computer as this will prevent it from getting updates and maintenance overnight, and may prevent the next instructor from starting class in a timely manner. For your convenience, an icon labeled “Log Off” has been placed on the desktop – double click to log off of the computer.
  • Reset the audiovisual system to its defaults using the “System RESET” button on the touch screen. Please do not shut down the system as it will take 10 minutes to cool down and turn back on.
  • Return lights back to their default setting (the button marked 1 in all classrooms).
  • Erase the chalkboards.
  • Wipe down the teaching station, mouse, monitor and keyboard using the cleaning supplies before exiting the classroom.

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If you find any problems with the classroom technology or the classrooms themselves, please contact the Whitman Service Desk by email at wsmhelp@syr.edu or by phone at 315-443-2342.

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