The teaching station is the control center of the classroom. From here you can turn on and off the projectors, raise and lower the screens, adjust audio and microphone levels, select from a variety of display sources, and annotate notes using the Wacom monitor.  

The teaching station drawer holds various items likes a microphone, clicker, batteries, and audio and video cables.

This is the start screen of the Extron control panel, located on the teaching station. To get to the main menu, click on the power button icon the middle of the screen.

This is the Extron main menu. To begin, click on both PROJECTOR (LEFT) and PROJECTOR (RIGHT) to highlight them yellow. Yellow means On, and the projectors will start warming up and the screens will drop. The default video source is (MAIN) PC. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the projector to fully warm up. When warming up, amber lights will be flashing on the projector, and when it's ready to go the lights will turn solid green.

The second row down are the various video sources to select from. To select the source tap and hold for 1-2 seconds until the icon is highlighted yellow.

  • Laptop: To use Laptop, on your laptop connect the VGA cable available in the teaching station drawer to the port labeled COMPUTER in the Plugin Pit. Select the desired projector, and click Laptop.''
  • HDMI: To use HDMI, plug the HDMI cable located in the plugin Pit, with an adapter if needed, into your laptop. Select the desired projector, and click HDMI.

  • PC: PC is the teaching station computer. Select the desired projector, and click PC.
  • DVD: To play a DVD, insert a DVD in the player located in the data rack, and select the DVD source.

  • Doc Cam: Select the projector and the Doc Cam source. Make sure it is on by pressing the power button on the doc cam.

  • Tuner: Tuner is cable TV. Selecting it will open a screen where you can select the desired TV station.
  • Aux: Plug the 3.5mm aux cable located in the teaching station drawer into your device, and into the port in the Plugin Pit. Select it as the source.

Each classroom is equipped with a Wacom monitor and Pen. You can mark up slides, and use the pen to use the screen as an interactive  device. To configure which display to show on the Wacom monitor, on the Extron control panel look for "Teaching Monitor Display Select".

Hanging from the ceiling, the confidence monitor is a good tool to preview the next slide and your powerpoint notes. It acts as an extended monitor, similar to the one in your office. To configure which display to show on the Confidence monitor, on the Extron control panel look for "Confidence Monitor Display Select".

The conference and classrooms are equipped with front and rear cameras. The cameras can be used for WebEx and Skype conferences, and Echo recordings. 

The Audio Video rack is the guts of the room.  Located next to the projector screen, the PC, dvd player, and various other electronic devices receive power,  connect to the network and various displays here. It is strongly recommended that none of the buttons or dials are changed, as that will mess things up. Only access the rack to play a DVD or other normal activity. 

Under the teaching station is a phone. For IT help call the Whitman Service Desk at 315-443-2342.

At the end of class, please be courteous and do a System RESET on the Extron control panel, under the red System Off icon. This will put everything back to default for the following instructor.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like additional training, please email the Service Desk at

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