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What is Whitman Remote Desktop?

Whitman Remote Desktop is a remote desktop solution available to Whitman faculty, staff and students. It provides a Computer Lab experience accessible over the internet and from any device.

Why do we have it?

We have Whitman Remote Desktop for three reasons:

  1. There are some software programs which, due to licensing terms and restrictions, cannot be installed on personal computers.

  2. It provides access to Windows only programs for people who use Apple computers.

  3. It guarantees an up to date and consistent experience when using Whitman software.

Who can use it?

Whitman Students, faculty, and staff.

*Please note - if you are a Whitman Faculty teaching a course in which non-Whitman students are enrolled, and are using software which is available only in Whitman, please send an email to wsmhelp@syr.edu with a list of those non-Whitman students so we can grant them access.

What should you know about Whitman Remote Desktop?

For Everybody:

All the software available in our labs is also available on Whitman Remote Desktop, it will look just like the labs.

There are two desktop connections you will see when you go to connect: Whitman Remote Desktop and Excel Cert Prep.

The Excel Cert Prep connection is designed specifically for Whitman folks who want to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam. 

If you are using a lab computer, there is no need to connect to Whitman Remote Desktop as they are one in the same.

Your G: and H: Drives are on Whitman Remote Desktop.

Please Note: Users occasionally experience a delay in logging in to Whitman Remote Desktop - it will hang on "Establishing Secure Connection" most often. If you experience this, simply hit "Cancel" and try to reconnect; you should be passed straight through without issue. This is a known bug and we are working to remediate it.

What software is available on Whitman Remote Desktop?

Click here for the full list of software installed on Remote Desktop, and Excel Cert Prep.

For Faculty:

Whitman Remote Desktop is the best way your students can use required class software. If you need computers in your classroom, and there are no laptop carts available, students can use their personal computers to connect to Whitman Remote Desktop and follow along with the class.

If you're utilizing software in the classroom which is in our labs, include a mention of Whitman Remote Desktop in your syllabi, and a link to this page. Remind students to bring their laptops with them so that they can follow along in class.

For Students:

Whitman Remote Desktop is a great way for you to be able to participate in course work, complete homework from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment, or anywhere else if you can't get to a lab. This is especially useful when lab space and laptop checkouts are limited during times of heavy usage.

How do you use Whitman Remote Desktop?

The Ideal Experience

The ideal experience using Whitman Remote Desktop is to open your favorite web browser and go to https://remote.whitman.syr.edu.

At this webpage, you will be asked to log in using your SU NetID and Password.

Once you've logged in, you will see an icon called "Whitman Remote Desktop" and "Whitman Excel Cert Prep".

Click the desired icon, check the box that says "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer", and click "Allow". You will be connected to the Remote Desktop within your web browser which will give you access to your desktop, H: + G: network drives, and applications available on any Whitman lab computer.

Configuring your personal computer

If for some reason a web browser is not working well for your needs,  an application can also be installed. Web browser access is preferred, however. Please read below for information and instructions:

Set Up Whitman Remote Desktop on Windows OS

Set Up Whitman Remote Desktop on Mac OS

If Whitman Remote Desktop is already set up on your computer and you are experiencing difficulties, try refreshing your Whitman Remote Desktop feed.

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