Follow these steps to show the Zoom participant video panel on the classroom projector for a more immersive experience.

On the Extron Controller

  1. Select PROJECTOR(LEFT) or (RIGHT), and then press PC (Extended Desktop)

    1. |Note The other PROJECTOR should remain on PC (Main)
  2. By default, set the Confidence Monitor to PC (Extended Desktop)
  3. By default, set the Teacher Station screen to PC (Main)
  4. Start your Zoom Session
  5. Share Screen, Screen 1
  6. This is the view you will see on your teacher station display
    1. Note: if the attendee video panel is not showing, click on and Show video panel
  7. This is the view you will initially see of your attendees
  8. At the top of the attendee view, select Show grid video as highlighted in red

    1. Note: there have to be at least 5 participants in the session to switch to the grid view
  9. Drag the attendee view to the extended display (confidence monitor)
  10. To expand the view, click and drag from the lower right-hand corner of the attendee view
  11. This is what will be displayed on the projectors in the classroom. On the left, the presentation, on the right, the attendee Zoom view
  12. To monitor the Chat, select More on the Zoom toolbar and select Chat to open up the Chat window
  13. To monitor the  Participants, select Participants on the Zoom toolbar, the Participants window will open

  14. Optional: Drag the Chat and Participant windows to your extended display (confidence monitor)

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