• If students are having trouble hearing your presentation, it is advisable to use the lavalier microphone
  • If students are still having trouble hearing increase the microphone sensitivity on the Extron touch screen
  • If you or the students are experiencing audio feedback:
    • Make sure the students in the classroom have their laptop microphone and speaker volume muted
    • If the students in the classroom need to address the class, it is not advisable for the student to unmute their laptop microphone and speakers at any time, due to the issue of feedback from the student's device and the sound system in the room
    • To address the class, use an alternative method either by restating what was said or using the chat function in Zoom

Alternatively, everyone (students and instructor) in the classroom can use their own Bluetooth enabled headset and microphone to reduce feedback. Everyone in the classroom must have their computer audio playing through a headset for this to work

  1. Plugin the USB Bluetooth dongle in the Wacom monitor USB port
  2. Pair your device if it does not do so automatically
  3. Verify the PC playback device is set to the Bluetooth headset
  4. Start the Zoom meeting, Join with computer audio
  5. Select your Bluetooth microphone and speaker
  6. Under Audio Settings, adjust the Zoom speaker and microphone sensitivity slider if you still hear feedback from other participants in the classroom


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