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  1. Listserv - Information for list owners to manage Listserv lists

    , create a nickname for the list in your address book to avoid typing the whole address. Know Your Email Address When Listserv rejects emails or commands or you cannot manage your list from the web, there is usually a mismatch between your sending email address and the address that Listserv has in its owner configuration
  2. Law Student Organization Listservs

    All student organizations and journals each have their own listserv to use. Access to it should be requested to by the organization / journal leader. Once access is given: Go to: 'Get a LISTSERV password' (under 'Getting Started') 2.jpg Using your SU
    College of Law (Verified)Jul 19, 2018
  3. Listserv - Find Email & Listserv Lists

    Listserv is the most popular, many lists are hosted using Google, Yahoo, or MSN groups or other Listserv like programs such as Majordomo, Listproc, and Mercury. Lists may exist but not appear in response to queries because list owners can choose how their lists are advertised. With Listserv, advertising may be local, global
  4. Listserv at Syracuse University

    About Listserv LISTSERV is a server that manages mailing lists for groups of users. It manages all types of mailing lists, including email newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups and email communities. Support Documentation Listserv Frequently Used Links List Management Interface
  5. Listserv - Accessing List Archives

    About List Archives Listserv has the ability to save list postings in an archive so that the posting content can be reviewed later. By default, lists are not created with the archive feature enabled the archive feature must be requested by the list owner. Further, only the site Listserv manager can perform the actual
  6. Listserv - Steps to Create a Listserv List

    Describes how to create a listserv. Overview This document explains options for requesting the creation of a new listserv list at Syracuse University. Instructions Go to the Web page Listserv and click on the link to create a new listserv list. Sources and Relevant Link Listserv
  7. Listserv - How to subscribe to a Listserv list

    How to subscribe to a listserv list. Instructions for subscribing to a listserv list at Syracuse University 1. If you do not know the name of the list/group … to the proper listserv server which will be other than (it will be of the form listserv@somesite mailto:listserv
  8. Listserv - Unsubscribing from a Listserv List

    How to unsubscribe from a Listserv mailing list How to Unsubscribe You may unsubscribe from a list at the listserv Web page … to unsubscribe from, but the list is sending to, your unsubscribe will fail. The email Listserv is sending to is probably visible
  9. Create Listserv Lists

    In order to create, manage and delete Listserv visit the Listserv home page Select "Create" under "For List Owners/Moderators … to fill in list information. On submitting the form a request is sent to Listserv management team who will create the listserv for you and notify you through sumail.
  10. Listserv - FAQs

    . If you try to post from the address, Listserv will not recognize it as a valid subscriber address. For more information Listserv Change Subscription Email Address Q: Do people who own several lists need a password for each list? A: Listserv