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Information for Students: Gain Practical Skills and Serve with Pro Bono Opportunities and Resources (COVID-19). In addition, please review this frequently asked questions document regarding the 2020-2021 OCI and Resume Collect Program.

To succeed in today’s legal market, law students need to be deeply engaged in their career planning and keenly aware of trends in the legal profession. The Office of Career Services provides counseling, networking, and programming opportunities to assist students in developing their job search skills and broadening their industry knowledge. We are here to assist you as you build your future as a legal professional!

Individual Counseling

Make an appointment to talk with us about your individual goals and to craft job search strategies that help get you where you want to go.

Job Search Resources

  • Symplicity CSM is an excellent first step in your job search. Use it to access On-Campus Interview Program information, resume collection information, electronic job postings, externship opportunities, announcements of Career Services events, useful guides and documents in the Document Library, and so much more!
  • **ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS: do not attempt to create a Symplicty account. We will create one for you and send you important login details during your first semester.**  
  • Martindale-Hubbell is a public database that allows you to locate and connect with attorneys, read their peer and client reviews, and find alumni from the College of Law.
  • The NALP Directory: a database of legal employers.
  • LinkedIn is an excellent tool for identifying alumni and other professionals who are already engaged in the type of work you're interested in exploring. We're happy to help you use Linkedin to its fullest advantage.
  • Use Westlaw and Lexis—ask Career Services staff about these important resources. 

Resumes & Other Materials

  • You can upload your resume, cover letter and writing samples (no confidential or attorney-client privileged materials) directly on Symplicity.
  • We strongly recommend that you review carefully all your application materials (including your cover letter or writing sample) to ensure there are no typos, inaccurate information, and errors with formatting before posting them on Symplicity and submitting them to an employer.
  • We have provided access to several guides directly on Symplicity which include helpful resume and cover letter templates (go to Resources tab, Document Library on Symplicity).

Networking, Shadowing, & Informational Interviewing

Networking, shadowing, and participating in informational interviews are all ways to learn about the practice of law from those who are actively engaged in it. We offer multiple networking events throughout the year, many of which involve alumni; a structured shadowing program over Winter Break for first year students; and we are happy to help all students connect with potential informational interview hosts in your areas of interest.


You got the interview! Now what? Increase your chances of success by learning the questions you might be asked, what you should take with you to the interview, and how to make a great first impression. Consider scheduling a mock interview with one of our counselors and feel much more confident going into your interview!

Judicial Clerkship Program

The Office of Career Services partners with faculty to educate students about judicial clerkship opportunities, including discussing the many benefits of clerkships, the clerkship application process, how to prepare for a clerkship interview, and how to enjoy a successful clerkship experience once hired.

Graduate Employment Surveys

Complete the Class of 2021 Graduate Employment Survey [PDF] (for J.D. graduates from Dec. 2020, May 2021 and Aug. 2021)

Please email the completed survey or drop it off at the Office of Career Services, Suite 214.

Other Resources

Step One: Be an Active User of Syracuse Law’s Job Connections Platform

  • Job Connections Platform. 12twenty CSM is Syracuse Law’s online platform connecting you and employers. 
  • Career Development. Login to access On Campus Interview (OCI) and Resume Collect programs for summer and post-graduation recruitment, externships, and fellowships, new and constantly updated job postings, announcements, career development programming, useful guides, and much more.
  • New Students. We will create a 12twenty account for you. We will send you important login details during your first semester at the law school - do not create your own account.

Step Two: Be a Proactive User of Resume & Cover Letter Resources

  • Great Resume and Cover Letter. Producing a good resume and a well written cover letter is a basic requirement for a successful job search. These documents play a critical role in helping employers understand who you are, what motivates you, and what you have to offer as a potential employee.
  • Helpful Guides and Easy to Use Resources. You should proactively use Syracuse Law OCS guides posted on Symplicity: Plug & Play Resume Building Template, Resume Guide and Cover Letter & Other Application Materials to help prepare your job search application documents. We also recommend that you use an AI driven resume building platform that you can access as a Syracuse Law student:
  • Purepost is a resume building software platform that helps you communicate the value of your experience into terms that are easily understood by employers. Purepost Demo Video

Step Three: Be a Proactive Connector and User of Job Search Virtual Resources

GoinGlobal is a first-of-its-kind resource designed to provide in-depth, country-specific career information ranging from job resources to work permit regulations. GoinGlobal features worldwide job and internship resources for more than 120 locations, including location-specific career guides, key corporate profiles, and 16 million-plus job and internship postings. To access GoinGlobal, you will need to sign into your Syracuse University Handshake Account.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career. This is a useful tool to find alumni from Syracuse University College of Law who are in the same practice area, organization, firm, or geographic location you are interest in. Connect with us on LinkedIn!

LexisNexis is the premier research database used by many law firms, agencies, and other legal institutions for comprehensive and accurate legal research. A special set of videos and resources are available for students showing how to utilize their AI based legal analytics tools. These will prepare you for interviews, learn about career opportunities, research attorneys, law firms, judges, companies and more! Click here to see the valuable resources available in LexisNexis. LexisNexis Video Demo

You want a career that’s rewarding, both personally and financially.
 will help break down the barriers to taking the next career step – with insider insights, sample cover letters and resumes, and answers to those tough interview questions that will prepare you for interactions with potential employers. FIRSTHAND Video Demo

Vault Guide access is provided for all students when you register for
FIRSTHAND. Research guides are devoted to major legal specialties and offer industry insights into what it takes to land your dream job in your chosen profession.

Martindale-Hubbell is a public database that allows you to locate and connect with attorneys, read their peer and client reviews, and find alumni from Syracuse University College of Law.

The NALP Directory of Legal Employers provides a comprehensive and free solution for researching legal employers throughout the US.

The ABA offers career development resources and a job board for law students, lawyers, and legal professionals across all practice areas and career stages. Click here for additional ABA resources for diverse law students.

NYSBA Career Center is the leading online career center, the career hub for legal professions, serving more than 74,000 legal professional members. It is where legal professionals go to find the right legal jobs and where employers go to find highly-qualified legal talent.

Step Four: Proactively Practice Your Interview Skills

Practice, Practice, Practice. You got the interview! Now what? Increase your chances of success by learning more about your prospective employer, the questions you might be asked, what you should take with you to the interview, and how to make a great first impression by using the virtual interviewing practice and learning platforms below

Big Interview is a free virtual platform that combines training and practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence. Big Interview has captured over 90% of all possible interview questions, including easy, medium, and most difficult to answer questions. Most importantly, you will learn the WHY of the specific question. You will learn the STAR method of how to respond to each question. You can practice your response and replay videos. Interviewing is a skill that you can keep practicing and become an expert! Big Interview can also help you with resume writing, to negotiate, and how to navigate the first 90 days of a new job. We highly recommend you use this AI driven platform.
Big Interview Video Demo

LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of on-line courses curated based on the career interests, role, or career path of the learner. It can be a highly personalized learning experience. Click here for a full user’s guide to get you started. LinkedIn Learning Video Demo

InterviewStream helps students and alumni improve their interviewing skills. This easy-to-use online program uses on-screen, videotaped interview scenarios developed by employment professionals.

Step Five: Explore Judicial Externships, Internships and Clerkships

  • We strongly encourage our students to consider the benefits of judicial externships and internships during the academic year and during summers, in addition to post-graduate judicial clerkships.
  • We partner with faculty to educate students about judicial clerkship opportunities, including discussing the many benefits of clerkships, the clerkship application process, how to prepare for a clerkship interview, and how to enjoy a successful clerkship experience once hired. Click here to access our Judicial Clerkship Guide to learn more about these great positions.
  • We also recommend to students interested in federal clerkships to create an account with OSCAR to learn more about becoming a federal law clerk or staff attorney.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Syracuse University College of Law does not discriminate and prohibits harassment or discrimination related to any protected category including creed, ethnicity, citizenship, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, age, race, color, veteran status, military status, religion, sexual orientation, domestic violence status, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender1.

1 Title IX prohibits harassment or discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity. Titles VI and VII prohibit harassment or discrimination based on race, national origin, or color. Sections 503 and 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit discrimination or harassment because of disability. In addition, New York law prohibits discrimination or harassment based on these and other protected categories.



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