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A Team Drive can be created within Google Drive to have a central location to collaborate and share documents. All users can create a Team Drive from their own account and share it with whomever they wish. All of your Team Drives you are a member of will appear under your Team Drives. 

Creating a Team Drive

  1. Log into Google using your account
  2. Navigate to Google Drive 
    Image of Google Drive icon
  3. From the left navigation bar, select Team Drives 
    Image of Team Drives Icon
  4. Select New in the top of the left navigation bar
    Image of plus new icon
  5. Name it however you would like, then select Create

Inviting Users To Team Drive

  1. Within the Team Drive, select + Add members (Below the top search bar, under the Team Drive name)
    1. The Team Drive creator and all users with the Full Access permission are able to add users. If a user does not have this permission, then they will be unable to manage users. 
      image of add members option
  2. Enter the email address for all the users you want to allow to use the Team Drive where it says, "Add names or email addresses"
  3. Below the email address(es), select the Team Drive permission type
    1. Full Access (Default): Can manage members and upload/edit/delete all files
    2. Edit Access: Can edit all files and upload new ones
    3. Comment Access: Can comment on all files
    4. View Access: Can view all files
  4. If desired, can send a message or notification to the user notifying them of being added to the Team Drive, or can skip notification all together by selecting the Skip sending notification option
  5. The Team Drive will now automatically appear under the user's Team Drives section