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  • Manually upload original media files to Kaltura (Preferred)
  • Manually download Ensemble media and upload to Kaltura (Instructions below)

Please note Kaltura is designed for streaming video that is actively in use; users that wish to retain video for archival purposes should contact their academic or administrative support personnel about arranging long-term storage.


Post-Transfer Checks for Bulk-Transfer Users

The bulk transfer process through a partnership with Kaltura has concluded. Where possible, users should upload their original recordings directly into Kaltura rather than download from Ensemble and upload to Kaltura. By design, Ensemble ingests the original file and then creates new versions compatible with web streaming before discarding the source file. If you still have a copy of your original video, it will be higher quality and is likely a better source for Kaltura to create its versions for streaming. 

Update locations where your Ensemble video is deployed (Blackboard, Answers pages, websites, etc.)

There is no automated method to update locations where your Ensemble video was previously deployed. Whether you've embedded your media in Blackboard or another website, used an Ensemble video in a PlayPosit bulb, posted links to videos in web pages, or emailed video links to colleagues, you'll need to re-distribute information and update locations to points to the new location of the video in Kaltura. 

Update Thumbnails in Kaltura

Thumbnails were note moved from Ensemble content. Kaltura will automatically generate a new thumbnail that can be managed by the media owner. You can quickly and easily update them by navigating to the 'Thumbnail' tab of Kaltura's edit area and choosing a new still from the video or uploading your own image. Detailed instructions are available on Kaltura's support site.