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Both the Messages and Email tools can be used to communicate with students and instructors in a Blackboard course. The information below describes the differences between the Messages tool and the Email tool.


The messages Messages tool allows users students and instructors to communicate by sending and receiving messages within Blackboard only. Users can send private messages to instructors, teaching assistants or peers. Because the tool remains in Blackboard, users must log in to check messages. Users can also save drafts of messages, and there is an inbox and sent box.

titleKnown Issue

Students with unread message in courses that no longer available cannot enter old courses to clear the unread message count. ITS has confirmed with Blackboard that this is a known issue under development — it will be addressed in a future release.

Users who are sent messages will receive notification that they have new messages from the What's New module, and from emailMessages area of the main Blackboard Ultra Navigation. Users can manage their notification settings to include course messages and set preferences.