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TurningPoint Student Response Systems

What are Clickers?

Student Response Systems allow instructors to poll students during a live class session and collect real-time feedback. While most response systems allow students to participate with an existing computer or mobile, TurningPoint "Clickers" are unique in that they're a physical device students can use in the classroom without needing or being distracted by other technology.

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Instructors decide whether to allow responses from clickers only or to include student response from other internet-connected devices. With physical clickers the student's device must be present in the physical classroom; including internet connected devices allows students to respond from any location. 

Instructors can deliver questions inside or outside of PowerPoint presentations using a variety of question designs created with the TurningPoint App. 

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Instructors decide when polls open and close during a live class session. After closing a poll, instructors can decide whether to display the results live in the classroom or to save them for later analysis. 

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How do instructor use Clickers?

Instructors use clickers to collect feedback from students and to increase student interaction in medium to large lecture format classes. They can be used to test student understanding or to collect anonymous responses to sensitive questions. They are a great way to initiate a discussion or maintain student attention during class. They can increase active learning in larger classes by fostering a deeper discussions or facilitating group work.

What Student Response System is supported at Syracuse University?

TurningPoint is the supported student response system at Syracuse University with assistance to instructors using it from Online Learning Services. TurningPoint is also integrated with the Blackboard Learning Management System so that instructors can post and share polling results in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Where to Get Support?

For more information about clickers at Syracuse University, please contact the Help Desk by phone at 315.443.2677 or email to help@syr.edu

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