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  • Foundational Public Health Training: By the end  By midpoint of their first semester, students entering the MPH degree program must successfully complete the Public Health Foundations Training requirement. Holds will be placed on the following semester’s class registration preventing registration for classes until the requirement is completed. Exception Exception: Students who have graduated from a CEPH accredited BSPH program are exempt from this requirement.
  • Applied Practice Experience Pre-Planning: Completion of this program milestone is required to register for PHP 667 Graduate Practicum in Public Health. Students participate in 1 group orientation session, followed by individual meetings with the PHP 667 instructor to plan for the internship. Before meeting with the PHP Instructor, students complete the Applied Practice Experience Application form. At the individual meetings, student interests are discussed, potential sites identified, program competencies to be met, and potential products (deliverables) for the PHP 667 portfolio requirement. At the completion of this milestone, students must submit the PHP667 planning proposal. The proposal is reviewed and approved by the Applied Practice Experience Review Committee.
  • Interprofessional Education: Students enrolled in the MPH program participate in an Interprofessional Practice (IPP) event. Students must successfully complete all required assessments and interactive experiences associated with this event. This experience includes: