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Situation, IssueTip, Solution

Need to print in Color? 

By default, printing  from a Mac laptop defaults to Black and White. In the print dialog, look for a drop-down menu that defaults to either Copies & Pages (Office) or Preview (Preview) and click on it, then select Quality. From the Color Mode drop-down menu, select Color. In Acrobat, select Printer on the bottom-left corner of the print dialog. Select Show Details and look for a drop-down menu that defaults to Layout and click it, select Quality. In the Color Mode drop-down menu select Color.

Jobs not printing from a Google Chrome browser? 

By default, Google Chrome on a Mac laptop defaults to 10x13 an odd paper size (10x13) when printing to a libraries printer. From the print dialog in Chrome, select More settings->Paper size and change the paper size to Letter 

Need to print single-sided?By default, printing to libraries printers defaults to double-sided. To specify single-sided, in the print dialog, click on the main drop-menu (below 'Printer' and 'Presets') and choose Layout. In the Two-Sided drop-menu select Off.