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The Roscoe Martin Fund provides grants to graduate students for expenses related to dissertation and thesis research, including travel to perform research, data fees, and other research needs. 

Active Funding Opportunities 

None currently 

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

AY 2022-2023 

October 2022 

Closed Funding Opportunities

AY 2021-2022 

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nameRoscoe Martin Fund CFP 2021.pdf

AY 2020-2021 

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nameRoscoe Martin Fund CFP 2020.pdf

AY 2019-2020

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nameRoscoe Martin Fund CFP 2019.pdf



Catherine Annis, Public Administration

Siaw Appiah-Adu, Anthropology

Poonam Argade,  Social Science

Brittany Jewell Bohlinger, Geography

 Baurzhan Bokayev, Social Science

Collin Chambers, Geography

Melissa Darroch, Anthropology

Aysenur Deger, Political Science 

Claudia Diaz-Combs, Geography

Mohammad E Athar, History

Natalie Gallagher,  Social Science

Mary Helander, Social Science

Akemi Inamoto, Geography

Hakki Ozan Karayigit, Geography

 Shanel Khaliq, Sociology

Jiho Kim, Public Administration

Huseyin Zeyd Koytak, Sociology

Athena Last, Sociology

Seunghui Lee, Social Science

Sujung Lee, Sociology

Nicole Yeannine Moller Gonzalez, Geography

Amber Morris, Political Science

Brian Ohl, Public Administration

 Matthew O'Leary, Anthropology

 Jihyuk Park, Geography

 Gabriel Roth, History

Mahder Serekberhan, Political Science

Zulfiya Torebekova, Social Science


Siaw Appiah-Adu, Anthropology 

Melissa Darroch, Anthropology 

Rachel Brea Deal, Anthropology 

Matthew Greer, Anthropology 

Steven Harris, Anthropology 

Dana Olesch, Anthropology 

Maria Smith, Anthropology 

 Jewell Bohlinger, Geography 

Claudia Diaz-Combs, Geography 

 Jamie Fico, Geography 

Ainhoa Mingolarra Garaizar, Geography 

Madeleine Hamlin, Geography 

Mirella Pretell Gomero,  Geography 

 Jared Whear, Geography 

Dominic Wilkins,  Geography 

Morgan Kolakowski,  History

Farrah Brown, Political Science

Nathan Carrington, Political Science

Emma Dreher, Political Science

Sefa Secen, Political Science

 Kari Waters, Political Science

Baurzhan Bokayev, Social Science

Mariah Brennan Nanni, Social Science

Samanta Lee, Social Science

Melissa Lopoo, Social Science

Krushna Ranaware, Social Science

Zulfiya Torebekova, Social Science

Michael Branch, Sociology

Weston (Trent) Fenner, Sociology

Athena Last, Sociology

 Jinpu Wang, Sociology


Tony Chamoun, Anthropology

Melissa Darroch, Anthropology

Matthew Greer, Anthropology

Ajaya Mali, Anthropology

Maria Smith, Anthropology

Jewell Bohlinger, Geography

Tina Catania, Geography

Claudia Diaz-Combs, Geography

Xiwei Guo, Geography

Madeleine Hamlin, Geography

Akemi Inamoto, Geography

Katie MacDonald, Geography

Ainhoa Mingolarra Garaizar, Geography

Mirella Pretell, Geography

Thomas Bouril, History

Emily Hunter, History

Elizabeth (Bess) Davis, Political Science

Nathan Carrington, Political Science

Tae Hyun Lim, Political Science

Dongshu Liu, Political Science

Aykut Ozturk, Political Science

Kyungwon Suh, Political Science

Maria Laura Veramendi Garcia, Political Science

Kari Waters, Political Science

David Schwegman, Public Administration and International Affairs

Hannah Patnaik, Public Administration and International Affairs 

Saied Toossi, Public Administration and International Affairs

Nicholas Croce, Social Science

Natalie Gallagher, Social Science

Fitore Hyseni, Social Science

Darzhan Kazbekova, Social Science

Melissa Lopoo, Social Science

Jaisang Sun, Social Science

Joonsik Yoon, Social Science

Michael Branch, Sociology

Athena Last, Sociology

Claire Pendergrast, Sociology

Dalton Stevens, Sociology

Ning Zhan, Sociology

Selene Cammer-Bechtold, Sociology

Sujung Crystal Lee, Sociology 

Weston (Trent) Fenner, Sociology

Jinpu Wang, Sociology


Jewell Bohlinger, Geography

Claudia Diaz-Combs, Geography

Jamie Gagliano, Geography

Justin Hartnett, Geography

Brian Hennigan, Geography

Akemi Inamoto, Geography

James Lindberg, Geography

Katherine MacDonald, Geography

Ainhoa Mingolarra Garazier, Geography

Jared Whear, Geography

Kelsey Young, Geography

Thomas Bouril, History

Michael Britton, History

Phillip R. Davis, History

Emily Hunter, History

Morgan Kolakowski, History

Kishauna Soljour, History

Jason Blessing, Political Science

Tae Hyun-Lim, Political Science

Dongshu Liu, Political Science

Angely Martinez, Political Science

Aykut Ozturk, Political Science

Beatriz Rey, Political Science

Elise Roberts, Political Science

Katharine Russell, Political Science

Maria Veramendi, Political Science

Saied Toossi, Public Administration

Nara Yoon, Public Administration

David Schwegman, Public Administration and International Affairs

Krushna Rawaware, Social Science

Samanta Lee Seunghui, Social Science

Taveeshi Singh, Social Science

Athena Last, Sociology