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Q: What does this action mean for you? (Apr 19., 2022)

A: Masking level Blue indicates an elevated level of transmission risk on campus and stipulates the following guidelines on campus:

  • For all students, faculty and staff who are vaccinated and boosted:
    • Masks Required at all times:
    • During academic instruction (inclusive of classrooms, laboratories, libraries and lecture venues); and
    • During non-academic events and in certain facilities, as determined by a public health risk assessment. These exceptions will be communicated directly as appropriate, to include the installation of signage as required.
    • Masks Strongly Recommended:
      • When indoors on campus, and outdoors in the presence of others.
  • For vaccine-exempt individuals (approved religious or medical exemption), or if you have not yet received a booster dose of the COVID vaccine:
    • Masks are required at all times and in all facilities while on campus, and while outdoors when in the presence of others.

Q: What does the "YellowBlue" level mean for activities within Dineen Hall? (MarApr.819, 2022)

  1. Masks Required: If At all times if you are not vaccinated, wear your mask everywhere indoors and at all times, and outdoors when in the presence of others.Masks vaccine-exempt. For vaccinated and boosted, during academic instruction (classrooms, the library, offices).
  2. Masks Strongly Recommended:  Essentially, it is recommended that we wear our masks at all times. It is up to you to decide whether to wear your mask, indoors and outdoors in the presence of others.

Q: Are classes being recorded this spring?