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  1. Registration for PHP 667 is contingent on completion of sufficient public health coursework to engage in public health practice. 18 credits of MPH applicable coursework.  Additionally, the nature of practicum related work is dependent on the courses completed and public health skill competency. 
  2. Completion of the Applied Practice Preparation program milestone. The milestone requires students to attend one group orientation session, followed by individual meetings with the PHP 667 instructor to plan for the internship. Potential sites are discussed, program competencies to be met, and potential products (deliverables) for the portfolio. A proposal detailing the practicum, to be approved by the APE Committee, is prepared and reviewed.  At the completion of this milestone, permission to register for PHP 667 is granted.
  3. Students interested in a placement outside of Central New York or an international placement should express interest at least 9 months prior to the planned registration