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The Content Collection is accessed from the Control Panel in any course. There are five sections:  Image Added

  • Course Content— this is labeled with the used to store SU userID and stores all of the files for the course you are currently in
  • My Personal Content—allows storage and management of personal or non course-specific related files. Shared files and folders will not display under the My Content area.
  • All Courses Content— used to store files for each all courses  course. Opening this area will display a folder for each course and allow you to see its content.
  • Institution Content— used to store files for educational and administrative units. This area can have files that the department or college has set up for several faculty to have access to.
  • Library Content—the university library may post eReserves, other electronic resources, or other library-related content. Content can be
made available either through the Library Content folder or through
eReserves. Only library personnel may post materials on eReserves, but 
faculty can add eReserves content to their Blackboard courses and students will have Read permissions to the files.
  • Bookmarks—links to a file or folder in the Content Collection. Bookmarks are convenient for opening folders that are accessed frequently or for remembering the location of an important, but seldom used or hard-to-find folder.