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SU Mobile Wireless & Email Setup


Wireless Setup (iPad, iPhone)

1. Open the Settings application. 

2. Select Wi-Fi on the left side. Look for AirOrangeHelp and select it.

3. Open Safari and go to the website.

4. Tap where it says Click here.

5. Tap on Click here to load Xpress Connect.

6. Tap OK.

7. A dialog window comes up, tap on Install.

8. Tap on Install Now.

9. Enter your NetID and password and tap Next when finished.

10. Tap Done in the last window.

11. Open the Settings application again, tap on Wi-Fi on the left side and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Select AirOrangeX from the list and it should connect automatically. 


SU Email Setup (iPad, iPhone)

1. Open the Settings application.

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the left side. Then, select Add Account... in the top right side.

3. Select the Microsoft Exchange option.

4. Enter only the following information:

  • Email - your SU email address
  • Domain - do not touch this setting
  • Username - your SU email address
  • Password - your NetID password
  • Description - this field can be anything, like SU Mail for example

Then tap on Next.

5. In the Server field, enter and tap Next.

6. You can leave the options you see as is and tap on Save.

7. You will now see your newly created email account listed. Tap your account for additional settings listed below.

8. Additionally, when you tap on your account you can change some more options:

  • Mail Days to Sync – a choice of how far back to synchronize your email account
  • Mail Folders to Push – other than your Inbox folder, here you can specify what other folders to synchronize



Wireless Setup (Phones, Tablets)

1. Open Settings from the application menu.

2. Select Wi-Fi.

3. Make sure your wireless is turned on by checking the Wi-Fi option.

4. Tap on AirOrangeX.

5. A dialog comes up, make sure to enter the following information:

  • EAP method – PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication – MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate – Do not validate (if option not available, leave untouched)
  • Identity – your NetID
  • Password – your NetID password

Tap on Connect when finished.

6. You will be connected to the network momentarily. If it doesn’t connect after a while, make sure your NetID and password are both typed correctly.


SU Email Setup (Phones, Tablets)

1. Open Settings from the application menu.

2. Tap on Accounts.

3. Tap on the Add Account button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Choose Exchange.

5. Enter your SU Email address and your NetID password. Then tap Next.

6. In the screen, only change the following setting:

  • Server -

Leave every other setting as is, and tap on Next.

7. You might get a warning, hit OK.

8. You can leave all the settings here as is, or you can change them to fit your needs. When done, tap Next.

9. Here, you can name your new email account whatever you want, SU Mail for example. When finished, tap Done.

10. At the end of the email configuration, you should get a dialog, read through it and press Activate. You should now be taken to the main Accounts & sync window and see your newly created email account.


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