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This page documents the processes process for preparing documents for archiving our records. The below link show the retention schedule for each type of documents.

Academic Records

Personnel Records

Student Records

Financial Records

Administrative Records

Notes on graduate student records - to be edited:

The Department of Physics would need to maintain those records until the student no longer attends the University.


Inactive/graduated student records must be boxed by academic year (or graduation term depending on how your office organizes records) and last name. For example:

  • Department of Physics
    Student Records, May 2015
    Box 1 of 3
    Last Name: A-G  



Examinations have a retention period of 1 year after close of academic year.  Thus, anything from August 31, 2017 and prior is eligible for destruction.  You can contact Materials Distribution at x3172 to discuss the process of confidential shredding of those records.  Any exams dated September 1, 2017 and present are not yet eligible for destruction, and must be kept for that retention period stated above.


University Records Management does offer free storage if you do not want to keep the boxes in your office.  However, these boxes must be organized . In order to archive documents, organize the boxes according to record series and academic year, at the very least.  Records .  Records are usually then organized thereunder by course number.  For example, Box 1:  Examinations, AY2017-2018, PHY 101 – PHY 102; Box 2:  Examinations, AY2017-2018, PHY 201 – PHY 202; etc.


If you decide you want to store the boxes with us, and you have prepped the boxes, you will need to provide us with a box inventory for us to look over and approve.  Once approved, we will provide you with an accession number which will need to be written on each box and the Records Deposit Form (attached) that you will need to fill out.  When you have completed all of the necessary steps, and are ready to transfer the records, you will contact Physical Plant to deliver the boxes to our office at the Hawkins Bldg., Rm. 140.

Once  organized, email and let us know so we can pick them up and put them in storage. 

Here is a link to our webpage that explains the procedures for depositing records with us:  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone at x8388.