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Syracuse University Remote Access (SURA) is a tool provided by Syracuse University to automatically configure a Windows PC to securely connect to university resources via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using SURA you can access University network drives (H drive), connect to SU's VPN (virtual private network), use network printers at SU, and access your email via a web client. SURA is available by visiting 


SURA only runs on Windows. To configure a VPN for macOS, please follow the steps on the Configure VPN on macOS page.


Depending upon your status with the University such features as Remote Desktop, Connect Drives, Open Email and Network Printing will be available through the SURA interface.


  • Green progress bars will appear under the Remote Desktop, Connect Network Drives and Open Email buttons while the SURA utility is verifying its connection to these resources.
  • Greyed buttons mean you do not have rights to that function.

SURA Action Options

Minimizing and Exiting the SURA Utility


Exiting the SURA Utility (recommended)

To fully disconnect the SURA utility and your remote computer from the University network, right-click on the SURA icon in the System Tray and select Exit and Disconnect.