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Steps for completion of the Internal Stipend Request Form:

Budget Administrator, Research Coordinator, or Budget Manager receives the funding request for a stipend or fellowship from the Research Coordinator or Academic Support Coordinator who will provide the chart string for the stipend sheet.Faculty member or the faculty member's request forwarded by the Academic Support Coordinator.  The Budget Administrator or Research Coordinator completes the Stipend Payment request as follows:

  • Use the “Stipend Payment Request” form located here.
  • Check the project/program to ensure the fellowship/stipend meets any restrictions.
  • Check the project/program that there is adequate funding to cover the stipend/fellowship
  • Fill out the form with all of the necessary information.  
    • Under Stipend chartstring, put the whole chartstring
    • Under Requested by, Put name of person filling out the form
    • The authorized signer is the Physics Budget Manager
    • The authorized Sponsored Award Signer  is Toni Besawthe Associate Director of Sponsored Accounting
    • Under,  If Sponsored Reason for Payment, put the name of the Fellowship or program (internship, workshop participation, etc.)
    • For section on recipient required to perform services for stipend, it is typically no, since it is a fellowship, traineeship, internship, workshop participation, etc.
    • Fill in the (SU ID, Last name  First name, work requirement, status, monthly amount, # of payments, payment month ) for every month the fellow is receiving a stipend
    • Add your name and contact information as person filling out the form.
    • After you get Physics Budget Manager signature, save a copy of the signed PDF 
    • Email to:  
      • Sponsored Accounting <contacct@syr.eduAccounting ( if sponsor-funded, restricted accounting (if restricted funding used), or disbursements (if unrestricted funds used)
      • Copy: 
        • Phyadmin for logging
        • Graduate Award <>
        •  Academic Support <>
  • *NOTE:  If a student/fellow is on a stipend, and is taking fewer than nine credits in a semester,   in addition to the Stipend Sheet, you may have to fill out a  Full Time Status Form (send to )and/or Syracuse University Graduate Scholarship Form  (send to A&S for approval.)