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 Downloadable Policy on VPA Faculty Assigned to Independent Studies [PDF]

 This memorandum serves as a reminder that, in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, faculty sponsorship of students engaged in earning independent study, internship, or experience credits is normally limited to full-time faculty only

Under rare circumstances, a part-time faculty member may be asked by a department chair to teach one of these kinds of learning experiences when, for instance, there is no full-time faculty member on staff qualified in the appropriate subject matter to direct the independent learning experience.  In such cases, the part-time faculty member should be compensated appropriately for the work.  The VPA Office of Academic Affairs must approve the assignment, based on the rationale provided and budget availability, even if the local department is willing to provide compensation from its own budget.  Compensation is to be determined in accordance with the standards set forth by the adjuncts united collective bargaining agreement or in consultation with the Labor Relations office.