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First, under the Issues pull-down, use the Search for Issues to refine the search results so that you can see all the issues you would like to edit.

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From the top-right corner, click on the Tools button and then under Bulk Change, select the all X issues link

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From here you will follow a four step process

  • Choose Issues
  • Choose Operations
  • Operation Details
  • Confirmation

action(s) you wish to perform on the selected 2 issue(s):

Choose the issues you want to edit. Selecting the top checkbox will select all issues in the view.

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Next, choose the operation you want to perform. You can choose between Edit, Move, Transition, Delete, Watch, or Stop Watching.

Note: You'll need the appropriate project-specific and/or workflow permissions to make these changes

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Next, select the Operation Details. On this step you'll select the modification you want done. These modifications will depend on the operation you selected in the previous step.

Note: Uncheck the "Send mail for this update" unless you really want to send a message for the operation.

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Next, the last step is the confirmation. This step confirms everything.

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