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This page outlines the steps to connect to RDS using an RDP client on supported laptop and desktop operating systems. At present, both Windows and macOS are supported.

If you'd rather access RDS directly within your web browser, please refer to the " Remote Desktop Services via Browser" page for guidance.

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Table of Contents

Connect to RDS via Remote Desktop


  1. Installation:
  2. Accessing the RDS Collection

    Launch the Remote Desktop app on your OS and click on the + Add button > Workspaces

  3. You can access RDS by entering your email <NetID>

  4. Click on Subscribe to add the collection(s) to your Workspace

  5. You will now be able to access your collection directly

  6. When prompted for login to the collection resource

    • Username: Enter your email in the format <Your NetID>
    • Password: Enter your NetID password.




RDP Error -   "There was a problem connecting to the remote resource. Ask your network administrator for help"


Download the RDP file again following the instruction above. The old file may no longer hold correct connection information.

Getting Help

We're here to ensure you have a smooth experience with RDS. If you need assistance:

  • Students: Feel free to reach out to the ITS Help Desk directly. Call us at 315-443-2677, email at, or drop by at 1-227 CST.

  • Faculty and Staff: For the most efficient support, it's recommended to start with your respective academic or administrative support teams. They're equipped with tools and knowledge tailored to your needs.


Retrieving an RDP File for RDS

To connect through the RDP client, you first need to obtain the RDP file from the web client.

  1. Accessing RDS

  2. Settings Access

    • In the top right corner, you'll see a sprocket icon ⚙️. Click on it.

  3. Download Setting

    • In the Settings Pane, select the radio button labeled "Download the rdp file."

  4. Login Prompt

    • If you are not logged in already, you might be prompted to do so using your email address ( and NetID password.

  5. Resource Selection 

    • Return to the main screen of the web page and choose a resource icon. Clicking on a collection icon will trigger the download of an RDP file, which can then be used to connect.