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Continuation of CLASS Services Online

The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) is working to move as many of our programs as possible to an online format beginning Monday, March 23, 2020. Some of the resources available to you are:


Calculus Help Center


Physics Help Center


Netiquette for Synchronous Group Tutoring Sessions

Join the session early: Give yourself time to understand the basic functions of blackboard collaborate such as testing your audio, video and ability to share content if you are a presenter.


Preparation: Have your notes and supporting text with you in addition to any questions you plan to ask your tutor while in session


Maintaining a Professional Environment: Many of our sessions are recorded for students to look back on for review. Be intentional about what and how you are communicating online. 


Mute yourself when not speaking: Background noises can be distracting to the tutor and everyone else in the session making it hard to listen to each other.


Understanding your tutor’s expectations around engagement: When engaging in your session your tutor may engage you in a variety of ways. This may include you

  • Speaking: By unmuting your microphone and vocally asking or answering questions
  • Chatroom: Typing out questions and responses for further inquiry


Make eye contact: If you are sharing video, look at the camera and not the session. It may feel weird, but it shows you are engaged in the session. If you need to multi-task during the session, shut your video off to avoid looking distracted.


Introduce yourself: State your preferred name prior to making a comment or asking a question. Do not assume that participants already knows who you are.


Tech Issues? Don’t forget, the ITS Help Desk is available days, evenings, and weekends. Call them to work through any specific tech issues. 315-443-2677.

We will update our website with additional information as soon as possible. Please check back for updates as we adjust to new University protocols designed to protect the health of all members of our community in light of COVID-19. Below, we summarize what we know now about continuation of CLASS services. Official information about COVID-19 is available through Syracuse University.

Group tutoring: We will be using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to hold as many of our regularly scheduled group tutoring sessions online as possible. We anticipate being able to continue in most, if not all courses, for which group tutoring is available now. Separate Blackboard organizations will be created for each course CLASS tutors. Information on how students can view, sign up for, and participate in group tutoring sessions will be provided on the CLASS website as soon as possible. Online group tutoring will begin on Monday, March 23. Group tutoring will not be available during spring break.

Netiquette for Synchronous Group Tutoring Sessions: visit for tips and tricks on how to appropriately and effectively communicate in the online environment.

Individual tutoring: We are encouraging undergraduate and graduate students who currently offer individual tutoring to continue these services for the rest of the semester. Individual tutoring will continue to utilize the Syracuse University Tutor Matching Service (TMS) Syracuse platform, which we use now. A tool for conducting sessions online is built into the platform. We anticipate that additional students may seek tutoring as the University moves to an online course delivery model. All individual tutors must be current Syracuse University undergraduate or graduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a B+ or higher in the courses they tutor. Eligible current students interested in becoming tutors can sign up on the the Syracuse page of the Tutor Matching Service (TMS) website. Students seeking help for a course that is not currently listed for tutoring should email

Academic coaching: Academic coaching remains available to 1st- and 2nd- year full-time students and may be especially valuable this semester as students adjust to the challenges of completing all their coursework online. First- and second-year students who would like to start the coaching program must complete the informed consent on our website no later than March 27th. Students already participating in coaching this semester will receive an email from CLASS explaining options for receiving coaching via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Learn More About Academic Coaching

Academic integrity: We will continue to move forward with pending and newly reported academic integrity cases. Students and faculty with academic integrity questions or concerns should email

Please call or email CLASS at 315-443-2005 or for additional information about any of our services or to inquire about additional support options. We recognize that the transition to online courses poses new challenges and are eager to help.

For additional support please visit the following:

Writing Center

Calculus Help Center

Physics Help Center:  

Virtual Physics Clinic – virtual drop-in help available for physics students at Syracuse University for the following courses:

Physics 102, Astronomy 104, Physics 211, Physics 212, and all Physics Majors’ Classes.

Drop-in hours 1pm – 7pm EDT M-Th, 1pm – 5pm EDT F.  VIA the following link: