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ITS strongly recommends all users follow the guidelines found on Securing Zoom Meetings. Additionally, you can visit Zoom's articles on Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual ClassroomNew Security Toolbar Icon for Hosts, and Zoom Meeting and Webinar Passwords.

How can we prevent unwanted participants from dropping in on our meetings? 

“First of all, every meeting should have a password. And ideally, only use your personal meeting ID for internal meetings. Otherwise, use a randomly generated meeting ID. The Waiting Room is also great for security, especially for K-12 schools. For business meetings, I normally use a password, and after everyone has joined, I lock the meeting. And for very sensitive meetings, I will only allow authenticated users from the same domain as mine to join the meeting." - Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO

Can I use my Syracuse Zoom account for personal use?


Can I change my profile picture in my University Zoom account? 

Yes, if you are a standard Syracuse University Zoom user.

To add or change your profile picture, log into through the Standard SU Zoom User portal or the University Zoom HIPAA portal, select Profile from the left hand side of the screen,  this will open the My Profile page in Zoom. Under your current photo click Change, then adjust the crop area on your current picture or upload a new one. You can also delete your profile picture by clicking Delete. 

Can I change my profile Pronouns in my University Zoom account?

Users will not be able to manually edit their pronouns in Zoom. Pronoun information is received from MySlice, by Zoom, and users may add/modify/delete pronouns  in MySlice. Please reference the following MySlice support page for more information: Pronouns Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The Syracuse University Zoom system receives Syracuse University affiliates' Pronouns  from MySlice whenever a users logs in, to Zoom, using Single Sign On (SSO).

Why can't my TA start my Zoom meeting in Blackboard? 

TA's will need to be added as alternative hosts for that meeting in order to start the meeting on the host's behalf. The  The alternate host can be added to an existing meeting using the desktop client or added when the meeting is created through the web interface. The alternate host must have an active account on the SU Zoom system to be added to a meeting. More information can be found at the following Zoom Support page - Alternative Hosts.

Alternate hosts are different than co-hosts which are added during a meeting and cannot start the meeting.

How do I add an alternate host who would be authorized to start my meeting?


Currently there are two options. First, you can :

First: You can download your Zoom recording and upload it to Kaltura so that it can easily be accessed by Blackboard Learn.

Second, you : You can provide the direct link for the Zoom recording to your Blackboard Learn class.