Academic Continuity
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  •  Remind learners to remain in contact with you as they transition to remote learning. Establish a single method of communication. (Blackboard announcements is a great choice.) Set some expectations: for example, "I'll answer emails regularly, but never after 5 pm on weekdays, and rarely on weekends." 
  •  Think about your class time as a way for learners to connect with you and with each other. As everyone transitions to remote teaching and learning, build some time for connection into your plans if possible. 
  •  If you haven't yet, consider suggesting that your students set up class buddies – another person in the class who can help to  confirm deadlines, compare notes, and share course navigation tips and tricks.

Regardless of how you plan to have students finalize their work for the semester, having them reflect on this experience and the ways in which they participated in their learning process can be a powerful learning tool. Ask them to address writing or discussion prompts such as