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Professor of Record

Carlos Caicedo Bastidas


Students of the Master’s Degree program on Information Management and the Master’s Degree program on Applied Data Science are the primary audience for this course. Students in other graduate degree programs may enroll with permission of theinstructor.


  1. Write scripts to access and amass information from files of structured data, access files in semi-structured data, and to define and find patterns in unstructured data. 
  2. Prepare and transform data to produce data summaries, lists, and networks. 
  3. Analyze and solve data access problems for the three types of data and to find and deploy appropriate software packages that can be integrated into the problem solution. 
  4. Frame real world data questions and show how they can be answered with data. 

Course Syllabi

IST 652 Fall 2020 2021 Semester Syllabus- Carlos Caicedo Bastidas

IST 652 Quarter Term Syllabus - Deborah Landowski


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