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The Maxwell Dean’s Office encourages faculty to apply for external funding, particularly grants and contracts that (1) further a faculty member’s research agenda and enhance students’ educational experiences and (2) lead to scholarly publications for faculty and students or to thesis or dissertation research for students.

Research Leaves 

See here, under "Leaves of Absence" and "Faculty Affairs Forms." 

Faculty Course Buyouts 

Faculty members sometimes receive grants or fellowships that cover a substantial part of, but not all of, a semester or year’s salary. Below are guidelines that govern how the Dean’s Office responds to requests to be relieved of teaching in exchange for grant funds of these types. Requests for buyouts should be prepared by the faculty member and department chair and forward by the department chair to Associate Dean Andrew London. These requests must be received by March 15 for the fall term and by October 15 for the spring term.


Salaries and Wages 

For the 20202022-21 2023 academic year (AY), rates for a full AY (fall and spring) 20-hour graduate assistant (GA) are $21$22,000 750 for PhD students and $16$17,250 750 for MA students, with  with 24 credit hours of tuition. For a 10-hour GA for the full academic year or a 20-hour GA for one semester, calculate rates and credit hours by half. For a 10-hour GA for one semester, calculate rates and credit hours by one-fourth. To budget for out-years, increase rates by 3%.

For hourly graduate students, units are advised to have equity in their pay structures for student employees performing similar duties and having similar semesters of experience. See Managing and Supervising Student Employees for minimum and maximum hourly rates and hours per week. 

In addition to salary and/or wages, fringe benefits should be charged to all sponsors in direct proportion to an individual's effort devoted to a sponsored project; see the University's current negotiated rates 


Budgeting tuition in some or all project years depends on whether you anticipate keeping the same graduate student for the length of the project and/or where the student is in their program. For instance, if the project responsibilities you envision for the GA require an advanced graduate student (ABD), there is no need to budget tuition given that the student is no longer taking courseworkhas completed coursework and dissertation credit hours. Of course, it is just as likely as not to not know at the proposal stage who the GA will be, should the project be funded. So, you might consider whether you want the flexibility to hire a student that needs tuition covered, just in case. In the event that you end up hiring a student who is not taking courseworkdoes not need credit hours, at least on most federal grants, you can move those tuition funds to another direct-cost category such as hourly student work, travel, or publication costs.