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A practice session allows the host to get set up and help panelists get acquainted with the webinar controls before starting your event. A host can ask panelists to join the event prior to the actual event start time, and they will automatically enter the practice session. Attendees will not be able to join the practice session. The host can start broadcasting when everyone is ready. 


In the Participants Window – click the 3 dots to show the participants settings.

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Disable – Allow Attendees to Raise Hand. Select/deselect suggested settings. 

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Set video layout for Attendees


Note – For attendees to view the ASL interpreter - If the host is using the Follow host view mode, the host must have their view set to the gallery view, not speaker view. However, If the host sets the video layout to Gallery View, the attendee will need to change their own view options to the side by side mode in order to see the ASL interpreter. Webinar participants who are viewing a shared screen can switch to side-by-side mode, which allows them to see the shared screen alongside either the Speaker view or Gallery view.

Panelists - Test audio/video of each panelist as they enter the practice session.  They will be muted upon entry.


ASLThe ASL Interpreter will need to have their webcam on during for the duration of the webinar.