Academic Continuity
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  •  You’ve planned deliberately to build community in class in adaptable ways.
  •  You plan to repeatedly engage in community-building activities across space and time.
  •  You’re revising your course to speak to equity, diversity, inclusion, and access concerns. Such activities might include adding scholarship from under-represented scholars; imagining how students with exceptionalities will participate in class sessions and what that means in your class; imagining how students with various challenges will engage with the instructor and content.
  •  You’ve re-thought your ground rules for your classes to facilitate function, and you've planned to have students help to create these guidelines.
  •  You’re re-imagining group work and projects to facilitate appropriate objective achievement with maximum adaptability.
  •  You’ve reviewed your content to consider how you can present it in inclusive ways.
  •  You’ve started identifying ways to break large pieces of content into small pieces.
  •  You’ve begun thinking about universal design for learning and incorporating those principles into your course.
  •  You’ve considered alternate ways for students to demonstrate their learning apart from tests and quizzes.