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Why review your syllabus now? The unexpected move to online teaching in spring 2020 prompted a dramatic increase in reports of suspected academic integrity violations during online exams. Making a few modest changes to your syllabus now will give you time and options this fall semester to design assessments that fit your course learning objectives and promote academic integrity. Taking these steps now will reduce the risk of discovering and reporting cheating in your course – a time consuming and stressful experience for instructors and students alike.


What should I keep in mind as I review my syllabus with an eye to fall assessment?

The strategies below are recommended by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) and the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS), which oversees academic integrity policy and case administration. Additional specific ideas are available on the Academic Continuity Resources page on Alternatives to Traditional Exams in Answers and on the CLASS website pages devoted to Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom and Syllabus Recommendations.