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Select Only show in feed. This means all notifications will be sent to your activity feed, which you can find at the top left corner of Teams.

The app will still show notifications on your desktop taskbar, but no pop-up will show.


By default, channel mentions are turned off and all new posts will only show in Activity.


Increase your current notifications

By default, in order to reduce distractions and draining your device’s battery, Microsoft suppresses notifications on your mobile device when you’re using Teams on the web or the desktop app. 

In order to never miss a notification on your mobile device, here is what to do:

  1. In Teams, go to Menu  More buttonImage Added > Notifications.

  2. Under Send notifications, tap Always.

Image shows Notifications checked to Always in Microsoft TeamsImage Added


Notification tips and tricks


  • Turn off desktop notifications for activity you don’t need to respond to right away. Select either Feed only or Off.

  • Hide a channel to turn off activity and desktop notifications. Hidden channels will show in your list if a message is marked important or when someone @mentions you or the channel.

  • Set your presence to Do not disturb to get some quiet time. This won’t change your notification settings, but it will mute notifications until you change your presence back.

Quiet Hours for Mobile Notifications

If you don’t want notifications from Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone you can activate Quiet hours and/or Quiet days. During these hours or days you won’t get any notifications on your mobile phone, but you will still get calls. 

  1. Inside the Teams mobile app, tap on the menu (More buttonImage Added) lines

    screenshot of teams with hamburger lines circledImage Added
  2. Select Settings

    screenshot with arrow pointing to settingsImage Added
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Select Quiet hours in the top of the screen

    screenshot of notification screenImage Added
  5. Click on the switch next to Daily quiet hours

    screenshot of quiet hoursImage Added
  6. Set your From time and your select To time, you wont get any notifications from Teams mobile app during these hours every day.
  7. Go back and select Quiet days
  8. Select those days that you don’t want any notifications on, this will block notifications for the whole day.

If you have multiple mobile devices with Microsoft Teams app installed there is no synchronization of quiet hours settings between those clients. You will lose this setting if you sign out from your account in Teams mobile client so when you sign in you have to set quiet hours again.


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