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    1. Input the requested personal information.
    2. Each NSF account requires a primary email address and a work email address. For the primary email address, use an email account that you will have continued access to even if you leave Syracuse University (e.g., Gmail). Your primary email address is used for important notifications about your NSF account such as password resets. For the work email address, use your Syracuse University ( email address. The work email address is associated with your role(s) at a particular organization; it is used for role request and approval notifications as well as for proposal and award related notifications.
    3. You may wish to create an Open Research and Contributor Identifier (ORCID). An ORCID is a unique code that is used to identify scientific and other academic authors and contributors. To create this code, click on the green circle with “ID” and follow the link to the registration page.
    4. Save and review the information for accuracy before submitting.
    5. After submitting, you will receive two emails: one containing your new NSF ID and another with your temporary password. Use your NSF ID and temporary password to sign into the the Change your password after logging in.
    6. Important: After you have successfully created an account, you must “Add a New Role” (Step 5) to affiliate your account to Syracuse University. 

Step 5: Add a New Role

Take the following steps to request the Investigator role: