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  1. Welcome & Announcements  


  2. Spring 2021 Support Plans

  3. COVID Compliance and IT Resources

    1. 1/15/21 Announcement by Mike Haynie "We will share additional details related to the testing protocol and testing frequency in a future message. However, residential students (undergraduate and graduate) should expect to be tested weekly. Compliance with this weekly testing requirement will be mandatory for all students, and students who do not participate in weekly surveillance should expect to have campus access and technology privileges immediately limited or suspended."

    2. " ^ A University ban and systems block will include the following: the student will be prohibited from campus property and access to University systems will be restricted (e.g., disabling of SUID card, disabling of campus WiFi access, disabling of MySlice access, restricted from course registration, and restricted from Blackboard access)."

  4. Technology Updates

    1. Teaching and Learning Tools 

      1. Blackboard 

        1. Ultra Navigation

        2. Analytics for Learn

      2. Class for Zoom (ClassEDU) pilot
        1. Demo Video
        2. Slide Decks (overall features and mobile)
        3. Possible Participants (beta and pilot)
          1. Class for Zoom Support
        4. Scope
        5. Function
    2. Classroom Updates
      1. Tan Auditorium
      2. CHH-017
      3. Microphone improvements, programming, others

  5. Additional / Future Discussion Items

    1. Transitioning Back to Residential Instruction

      1. Using digital tools for continued support even post-return to residential classes

      2. Making the transition back to in-person classes

    2. Bring Your Own Device program - Amy Falkner

    3. Proctoring?