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The following changes are implemented automatically when accessing Collaborate Ultra through Blackboard. Additional details are available in the Release Notes

  • More Flexibility for Large Sessions — Beginning March 10, 2022, instructors can create large sessions with no end date, end dates further in the future, and recurring sessions.
  • Pointer in the New Whiteboard — The initial release of the new whiteboard did not include a pointer. Starting January 13, 2022 a pointer will be added. After launch ITS discovered that the pointer was being captured in recordings, in contrast with Blackboard's release notes. Blackboard has updated their notes and the pointer does  appear in Collaborate Ultra recordings as intended by their design. 
  • Integration of Course Groups with Breakout Groups — Blackboard has integrated Groups created in a Blackboard course with the Breakout Groups feature in Collaborate Ultra. As of September 2021, moderators can create Breakout Groups based on their Course Groups. Documentation on how to do so is available on Blackboard's Help site.
  • Whiteboard Improvements — The whiteboard tool has had a major update that makes it easier to use, allows for persistent annotations, and allows sharing of the whiteboard and files to and from breakout rooms. More information on the change is available from Blackboard. Documentation is available on the Share Content page from Blackboard. 
  • Mobile Cameras for Moderators — Beginning June 10, 2021 moderators can share a camera on their mobile device as content on the screen.
  • Pin Video Support — Beginning May 13, 2021, you can now pin videos — selecting which videos appear at the top. 
  • Expanded Gallery View — Gallery View allows users to view 25 participant videos at once. This was made available to session moderators in Spring 2021 and for participants in August 2021
  • Support Chatbot — Attendees can get support troubleshooting common issues while still in their session through the new Chat Support feature at the end of the My Settings panel.
  • Recording Privacy Display — Moderators and session owners can now see at-a-glance if a recording is locked or public. Locked means only course members can view the video. Anyone not enrolled in a course can't view the video even with a link. Public means anyone with a link can view the recording. You can change the recording sharing privacy in the Recording settings.
  • Chat mentions and formatting — Users can now tag other users in chat using the "@" symbol and format their chat messages.
  • Recording Processing Status — Collaborate now shows the status of recording processing. You can see if a recording is still processing or ready to watch from the Recordings page.
  • Recording Reminder — As soon as moderators join the session, Collaborate presents a recording reminder. The reminder is visible until the moderator starts the recording or closes the reminder.
  • Increased Recording Link Security —  Public access to recordings is now off by default for new sessions.
  • Recording Download Clarity — Session owners can download recordings at any time, regardless of setting for other users.
  • Share Camera — This option allows you to share a second camera for demonstrations. 
  • Download Poll Results — Now moderators, instructors, and administrators can download a session's Poll report. This report includes the poll question and how each attendee responded.