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On occasion, you may need to produce booklets about course offerings or other academic updates. Please use this template, which is formatted for printing with an office printer or an outside vendor. However, we strongly recommend that all easily outdated information be posted to departmental websites or be otherwise shared electronically.

Download sample booklet.




Digital Screen and Event Flyers

Use these accessible, University-branded digital signage and event templates for your department or office's announcements and event publicity. Please note that each template layout has been optimized for ease of use, with dedicated fields for text, images, and wordmarks. Follow these general guidelines for clear and professional results, and please adhere to Syracuse University brand guidelines.

Quick Tips


  • Use high-resolution images (300 dpi) and crop as needed. This ensures that your results will be crisp and in focus. Always make sure you have permission to use photos.
  • Use Sherman typeface. Text should be sufficiently large so that someone quickly walking by can read it from a distance.
  • Use University colors
  • Proofread before printing or posting. We recommend you ask someone who hasn't been involved with the creation of the item.


  • Change font, colors, or location of text box/image placeholders.
  • Put text on top of an image unless there is an adequate contrast.
  • Stretch, compress or otherwise distort the image to fit in a placeholder.
  • Use blurry or grainy images.