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Below is a listing of the same SOE Faculty and Staff listservs as above with a description of the membership.

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-Faculty-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time SOE Faculty Members
SOE-Faculty-PT@listserv.syr.eduPart Time SOE Faculty Members

SOE Emeritus Faculty Members
SOE-Staff-Reg@listserv.syr.eduRegular SOE Staff Members
SOE-Staff-Temp@listserv.syr.eduTemporary SOE Staff Members
SOE-Fac-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Faculty-PT
SOE-Staff-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Staff-Reg and SOE-Staff-Temp
SOE-FacStaff-FT@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Staff-Reg
SOE-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-All, SOE-Staff-All, and SOE-Emeritus

There are other more focused listserv lists that are manually maintained by the Deans Office for specific group functions.  

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-DeansCouncil@listserv.syr.eduMembers of the SOE Deans Council
SOE-Dept-Chairs@listserv.syr.eduChairs of the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-AcadAdmins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-Prog-Admins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Centers, Institutes and other Programs
SOE-Hire-Exit@listserv.syr.eduCommunication channel used for those processing tasks related to SOE hires and exits
SOE-Supervisors@listserv.syr.eduCommunication channel used to reach those in a supervisory role in SOE