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Below is a listing of the same SOE Faculty and Staff listservs as above with a description of the membership.

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-Faculty-FT@listserv.syr.eduFull Time SOE Faculty Members
SOE-Faculty-PT@listserv.syr.eduPart Time SOE Faculty Members

SOE Emeritus Faculty Members
SOE-Staff-Reg@listserv.syr.eduRegular SOE Staff Members
SOE-Staff-Temp@listserv.syr.eduTemporary SOE Staff Members
SOE-Fac-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Faculty-PT
SOE-Staff-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Staff-Reg and SOE-Staff-Temp
SOE-FacStaff-FT@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-FT and SOE-Staff-Reg
SOE-All@listserv.syr.eduIncludes members from SOE-Faculty-All, SOE-Staff-All, and SOE-Emeritus

There are other more focused listserv lists that are manually maintained by the Deans Office for specific group functions.  

List Email AddressMembership of the List
SOE-DeansCouncil@listserv.syr.eduMembers of the SOE Deans CouncilSOE-Dept-Chairs@listserv.syr.eduChairs of the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-AcadAdmins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Academic Departments
SOE-Prog-Admins@listserv.syr.eduAdministrative Assistants from the SOE Centers, Institutes and other Programs

*Note:  If you are not a member of these above specific lists and need to send to them, you should email with the listnname and

reason you need to send to them so you can be added to the approved senders.