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You should be able to:I canI think I canI can't
1.Distinguish between true and false sciences.

2.Name the genus and species of common animals such as cats and dogs.

3.Read a mercury thermometer.

4.Trace the path of blood from the heart back to the heart in writing.

5.Demonstrate knowledge of bones in the human hand orally.

6.Demonstrate knowledge of scientific terms, such as theory and hypothesis.

7.State reasonable, testable hypotheses and explain what makes them so.

8.Design a plan to solve a problem using the scientific method.

9.Demonstrate knowledge of different ecosystems.

10.Identify/characterize/define a current problem in science.

11.Explain what a food desert is and demonstrate its potential effects on humans, particularly those from traditionally marginalized populations.

12.Work successfully with a group to produce a researched report on an assigned topic related to science, such as recycling or soil erosion.