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SOC101M001Intro to Soc  (Lecture)    Jennifer FladM/W1112:4045-121:3540
SOC101M002Intro (Disc)TAF9:30-10:25
SOC101M003Intro (Disc)TAF108:3525-119:3020
SOC101M004Intro (Disc)TAF12:45-1:40SOC101M005Intro to Sociology  Marcus BellT/TH11:0011:40-12:2035
SOC101M006M005Intro to Sociology (Lecture)Jennifer FladM/W10:35-11:30
SOC101M012M006Intro (Disc)  TAF9:30-10:25
SOC101M013M007Intro (Disc)  TAF10:35-11:30
SOC101M014M008Intro (Disc)  TAF12:45-1:40
SOC101M007M009Intro to SociologyJackie OrrT/TH12(Disc ) TAF9:30-110:5025
SOC101M008M010Intro to SociologyAmy LutzT/TH2:00-3:20(Disc ) TAF10:35-11:30
SOC101M009M015Intro to Sociology (Disc )    Trent FennerM/W8:15PM - 9:35PMTA F12:45-1:40
SOC101M015M016Intro to Soc  (Lecture) Introduction to Sociology     Will OliverM/W2:15-3:10
SOC101M017Intro to Sociology (DiscLectureTAFJennifer FladM/W9:30-10:25
SOC101M018Intro (Disc) TAF109:3530-1110:3025
SOC101M019Intro (Disc) TAF1210:4535-111:40 30
SOC101M020Intro Intro (Disc)  TAF912:3045-101:2540 
SOC101M021Intro  (Disc) TAF10:35-11:30to SociologyPTI Marcus BellT/TH3:30-4:50
SOC101M022Intro (Disc) TAF12:45-1:40Intro to Sociology PTI Joe AdamoT/TH8:00-9:20
SOC101M023Intro to Sociology  (Lecture)Jennifer FladM/W9PTI Marcus BellT/TH12:30-101:2550
SOC101M024Intro (Disc) TAF9:30-10:25Intro to Sociology PTI Marcus BellT/TH11:00-12:20
SOC101M025Intro (Disc) TAF10:35-11:30SOC101M026Intro (Disc) TAF12:45-1:40U001Intro to Sociology PTI Trent FennerTH6:30-9:15
Intro to Sociology Selene Cammer-BechtoldT5:00-7:45PMPTI Trent FenerWINTERLUDEONLINE 12/20-1/14
SOC102M001Social Problems Marcus BellMadonna Harrington MeyerT/TH129:30-110:50
SOC102M002Social Problems Aaron BlasyakWill OliverM/W53:1545-65:3505
SOC102M003Social Problems  PTI Athena LastT/TH2:00-3:20
SOC102M005M004Social Problems (Lecture)                Marcus BellT/TH9:30-10:50SOC102M009Social Problems Will OliverArthur ParisM/W911:3040-1012:2535
SOC102M010M005Social Problems (Disc)  TAF9:30-10:25
SOC102M011M006Social Problems (Disc)  TAF10:35-11:30
SOC102M012M007Social Problems (Disc)  TAF12:45 - 1:40
SOC102 U001 Social Problems PTI Joe Adamo 6:30-9:15 
SOC102 U800 Social Problems PTI Selene Cammer WINTERLUDE ONLINE 12/20-1/14  
SOC/WGS/CFE230 M003 Dialogue & Ethnic Inequalities Jersey Cosantino & Easton Davis 3:45-6:30 


248M001M002Racial & Ethnic Inequalities Amy LutzT/TH11:00-12:20
SOC/WGS248M002M003Racial & Ethnic Inequalities Sean DrakeMarc GarciaM/W52:15-63:35
SOC/WGS281M003M001Sociology of FamiliesPTI Joe AdamoT/TH119:0030-1210:2050
SOC/WGS281U001M002Sociology of FamilesFamiliesPTI Woosang HwangT/TH 5:00-6:20
SOC 300M001Global Capitalism Edwin AckermanM/W52:15-63:35
SOC/AAS HNR300M001Asian Americans & Social InequalityYingyi MaM002/M008U.S Social Policy & CitizenshipMadonna Harrington MeyerT/TH312:30- 41:50
SOC300 M003 Sociology of Work and Labor Gretchen Purser T/TH 9:30-10:50 
SOC300M002Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health & Health CareMarc GarciaT/TH300 M004 Sociology of Education Sean Drake M/W 2:10-3:35 
SOC300 M005 Indigenous Issues and the Environment Michael Dunaway T/TH 11:00-12:2000 
SOC/WGS305M002M001Sociology of Sex & GenderPTI Heidi McElweeM/W12:45- 2:05
SOC/WGS305M005M003Sociology of Sex & GenderJoe AdamoPTI Heidi McElweeT/TH122:30 00- 13:5020
SOC 318M001M002Intro to ResearchWill OliverM/W39:4530- 510:0550
SOC/WGS319/317M002Intro to Research/Qual Qualitative Methods Sean DrakeM/W12:45-2:05
SOC335M001Political SociologyEdwin AckermanM/W3:45-5:05
SOCSOC 343U001M001The Deviance ProcessPTI Marsha WeissmanTHM/W52:00 15- 73:4535
SOC SOC/AAS363353M001Urban SociologyArthur Paris: African American ExperienceKishi DucreM/W2:15-3:45 - 5:05SOC/WGS364M001Aging & SocietyMadonna Harrington MeyerT/TH9:30 - 10:50 :35
SOC355M001Sociology of Health and IllnessScott LandesM/W2:15-3:35
SOC/CFE/WGS 361M001Youth, Schooling & Popular Culture PTI Heidi McElweeM/W2:15-3:35
SOC367M002M001Sociology of SportJacob BartholomewSport PTI Marcus Bell T/TH2:00-3:20
Sociology of Sport PTI Jacob Bartholomew WINTERLUDE12/20-1/14 ONLINE
SOC 397400M001CriminologyMarsha WeissmanMinority Groups-Black & Latinx Americans Marc GarciaM/W123:45-5:05 
SOC/PAI400/415 M002/M001 Poverty Policy Colleen Heflin 9:30-12:15 
SOC 406 M001 Sociological Theory Prema Kurien M/W 2:15-3:0535 
SOC/AAS 406410 M001Sociological TheoryGretchen PurserM001 Seminar Social Change Horace Campbell T/THTH 92:30 00- 103:5020 
SOC/WGS433M001Race, Class & GenderCecilia GreenTH5:15 - 8:00SOC 495M001Senior Thesis   425 M001 Faminist Organizations Rebecca Lambert 3:30-6:15 
SOC  432 M001 Gender & Disability Perri Haris M/W 3:45-5:05 
SOC 495 M001/M002/M003/M004  Senior Thesis