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Warning will no longer be available after August 1st, 2021. We are asking students and alumni to begin the process of migrating content to another platform. 

Faculty and staff websites will be migrated to another platform. You will receive communication via email with instructions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How do I create a website?

  1. Log in to
  2. You will be able to create a website with a title and description.
  3. Your new website will have a URL and an admin URL

To view your website details, click "Site Details"

The Site Details Button

  1. This will display:
    1. Site info 
    2. Plugins used 
    3. Themes used 
    4. Users 
    5. Utilities 

How do I archive my website?

  1. Click "Site Details" on the website that you want to archive 
  2. Scroll down to Utilities and click "Archive"
    Archive Button
  3. Once the Archive Process completes you will be able to download the archive

How do I run a site repair?

In the event that your site is receiving a white screen or 500 error you may want to run a site repair.

  1. Click "Site Details" on the website that you want to repair
  2. Scroll down to Utilities and hit "Repair"

Repair button

How to disable/enable plugins?

  1. Click "Site Details" on the website
  2. In the plugin sections you will be able to deactivate or active plugins

List of plugins with deactivate button next to one

How to disable/enable themes?

  1. Click "Site Details" on the website
  2. In the themes section you will be able to deactivate or active them

List of themes with activate button next to it

How to add a new Site Management Tool admin user?

A current site admin will been to perform the following 

  1. From your dashboard, click the Admin URL 
  2. You will then be directed to the Dashboard
  3. On the left side menu, you will see users
    left navigation includes users option
  4. From there click "Add New" or "Add New SU User"
  5. Add the new user with the Administrator Role
  6. Once the user has been added to the WordPress site return back to the Site Management tool and click the Refresh Site Information button.
    Refresh site information button
  7. Once completed the target user should appear in the User list and should now be able to choose that site in the Site Management Tool./

How do I access the files from the site I archived?

  1. Download the archive 
  2. All of the files from the site will be downloaded 

How do I know if my site is healthy?

  1. Under "Site Info" this will display 
  2. If your site is unhealthy, this will display
  3. Here are example PHP errors

How to administer someone else's site?


Any administrator of a WordPress site will have basic functionality in the Site Management Tool.

A current site admin will have to perform the following

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard with the admin URL.
  2. On the left hand menu, click "Select Users".
  3. Then click "Add New SU User"
  4. Perform a site refresh.
  5. The new admin will now have access to manage the site.

How to archive a site you have access to?


Only the person who has access to the primary email has the ability to archive the website. Changing the email will require a user to accept the new privilege's via email verification

A current site admin will need to perform the following

  1. Login to the WordPress site using the Admin URL
  2. Click General Settings from the left navigation
  3. You need the site administrator to change the primary email to your email
  4. If the primary email no longer exists
    1. Contact ITS Support