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Arango-Vargas, Carolina - 20182018 (Distinction)
Advisor John Burdick
Insist, Persist, and Resist: Feminist Activism and Political Violence in Antioquia, Colombia


Brennan, Nancy Lucille – 1979                
Advisor - Agehananda Bharati
The Anglo-Indians Of Madras: An Ethnic Identity In Transition

Bridger-Wilson, Emera - 20172017 (Distinction)
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Working for Dignity: The Authorized Sightseeing Rickshaw Drivers of Keoladeo National Park


Ghosh, Huma Ahmed – 1990                   
Advisor -
Impact Of Agricultural Development On The Social Status And Work Patterns Of Women In Palitpur

Ghosh, Ipshita - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Azra Hromadžić
Startup Futures: Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Imaginaries of Care in global India

 Gibson, Heather - 2007                      
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong                              
Daily Practice and Domestic Economies in Guadeloupe: An Archaeological and Historical Study


Goparaju, Lakshmi - 1998                      
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley
Ignorance And Inequality: Youth Sexuality In India And Its Implications To HIV Spread

Gurr, Melinda - 20172017 (Distinction)
Advisor- John Burdick
Limits of Liberation: Youth & Politics in Brazil's Landless Rural Workers' Movement (MST)


Hamilton Susan Irene - 2000                  
Advisor - William Mangin   
Seeking Higher Ground: Housing Placement Strategies Of Families Displaced By The Yacyreta Project In Posadas, Argentina

Harasta, Jesse - 20142014 (Distinction)
Advisor - Burdick
Searching for a Single Voice: Politics of Use, Form and Belief in the Kernewek Language, United Kingdom


Hauser, Mark - 2001                              
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong 
Peddling Pots: Determining The Extent Of Market Exchange In Eighteenth Century Jamaica Through The Analysis Of Local Coarse Earthenware

Herrald, Angela – 20062006 (Distinction)                          
Advisor - Maureen Schwarz
Spiritual Itineraries: Journeying to Self via "Sacred India."


Johnson, Colleen Leahy – 1972               
Advisor - Gordon Bowles
The Japanese-American Family And Community In Honolulu: Generational Continuities In Ethnic Affiliation

Johnson, Jamie - 2014 2014  (Distinction)
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Accommodating Conservation: Regulating Heritage in a Himalayan Tourist Town


Noronha, Raymond Joseph  – 1973           
Advisor - Glynn Cochrane
Experiments In Social Change: Constitutional Application And Cultural Variation

Norton, Holly - 20132013 (Distinction)
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
“Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion”, 

Nutting, Margaret Gibbons – 1973              
Advisor - Gordon Bowles
The Fate Of The Confucian Ideal In “Readings” Textbooks Of Taiwan And The China Mainland: A Study Of Continuity And Change


Reeves, Matthew Bruce – 1997               
Advisor – Douglas Armstrong
“By Their Own Labor” Enslaved Africans’ Survival Strategies On Two Jamaican Plantations

Reid, Sean - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Chris DeCorse
Fragmented Landscapes: An Archaeology of Transformations in the Pra River Basin, Southern Ghana

Reilly Matthew - 2014 
Advisor - Douglas Armstrong
At the Margins of the Plantation: Alternative Modernities and an Archaeology of the 'Poor Whites' of Barbados,


Steindorf, Sally - 2008                     
Advisor - Susan S. Wadley                              
Walking Against the Wind: Negotiating Television and Modernity in Rural Rajasthan

Suk, William - 20172017 (Distinction)
Advisor - Deborah Pellow
Collaboration and Conflict in Transnationally-Dispersed Zimbabwean Families


Warner, Faith R. – 2001                          
Advisor – Hans C. Buechler
Lives On The Threshold In The Place Of Rocks And Hunger: The Impact Of Displacement And Encampment On Q’eqchi’ Women In Maya Tecun, Mexico

Warner-Smith, Alanna - 2022 (Distinction)
Advisor - Shannon Novak
Working Hands, Indebted Bodies: Embodiment of Inequality and Labor in an Era of Progress

Waters, Christopher K. - 20182018 (Distinction)
Advisor - Chris DeCorse
Putting Forts in their Place: The Politics of Defense in Antigua, 1670-1785