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Platt, Sarah - 2022
Advisor - Theresa Singleton
Entangled Lives in a Southern Metropolis: An Archaeology of Legacies at 87 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina (1734-1771)

Pribilsky, Jason – 2003                           
Advisor – Hans Buechler            
La Chulla Vida: Men, Migration And The Remaking Of Families In The Ecuadorian Andes And New York City


Smith, John Nicholas Leith - 2008
Advisor – Christopher R. DeCorse
Archaeological Survey of Settlement Patterns in the Banda Region of West-Central Ghana: Exploring External Influences and Internal Responses in the West African Frontier

Smith, Maria - 2022
Advisor - Guido Pezzarossi
Weaving Subjects at the Obraje de Chincheros: Indigenous Contributions to the Colonial Aesthetic

Souza, Marcos - 2010  
Advisor - Christopher R. DeCorse
Spaces of Difference: An Archaeology of Slavery and Slave Life in a 19th Century Brazilian Plantation

Sozan, Michael - 1972 1972
Advisor – Agehananda Bharati
The History Of Hungarian Ethnography