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ANT 381 Ancient Rituals and Beliefs in Modern Spain    Y  (OFFERED IN MADRID ONLY)
From Paleolithic and Neolithic settlements of the Iberian Peninsula to modern immigration into Spain.  This course examines the complex layering of ancient belief systems in a modern country, using Spain as a laboratory.

ANT 382 (crosslisted with:HTW 382, MES 382) Health in the Middle East    IR
Surveys major cultural, biological and environmental features of the Middle East and relates them to aspects of health including infectious disease, chronic disease, reproductive health, population, war, poverty and globalization. PRE-REQ: ANT 111 OR ANT 121. 

ANT 400  Selected Topics   SI
Exploration of a topic (to be determined) not covered by the standard curriculum but of interest to faculty and students in a particular semester.