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The messages tools allows tool allows users to communicate by sending and receiving messages within Blackboard only. Users can send private messages to instructors, teaching assistants or peers. Because the tool remains in Blackboard, users must log in to check messages. Users can also save drafts of messages, and there is an inbox and sent box.


  1. Under Course Tools, click on Messages.
  2. Click Create Message.

    Create new course message buttonImage Modified

  3. Select the Recipients to receive the message.
  4. Enter the Subject, then type your content and attach a file if needed.
  5. Click Submit.

Read Messages

There is are an Inbox and Sent Folder that will archive your messages, and show you when new messages arrive.


The email tool sends messages to Blackboard users’ email accounts. Because the emails are outside the Blackboard domain, the message is not stored in the course. Users can read and reply to messages using their Syracuse University email account. From a Blackboard course, email cannot be sent to a person who is not enrolled in the course. In Blackboard, the email tool offers options for sending communication communications to different groups.

Send Emails



  1. Under Course Tools, click on Send Email.
  2. Select the recipients of the email.
  3. Type your subject and message.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A copy of the email will be sent to the sender.