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  1. Welcome/Announcements (Jenny and William)
    • Pam Thomas is out on medical leave.
    • Donna Carelli, Purchasing Specialist for the Office of Purchasing, is joining the Council as a new member. 
  2. Review Table of Recommendations (Group)
    1. AICTPC Table of Recommendations
    2. Draft Standards Table for ICT
  3. Guiding Principles and Ownership of Content  (Group)
    • Regarding active, inaccessible content, how do we make it easier on the campus? 
    • Are there high-priority/frequent points of contact to prioritize content remediation? 
      • Each area that has content is responsible for coming up with a plan to manage and remediate content, and we as a Council would review those plans and provide guidance to make sure their making headway. 
      • Lisa Andreotta noted that the Division of Marketing and Communications has been strategizing and prioritizing around making digital content for flagship sites more accessible, but are faced with a general lack of resources to support these efforts. They are also looking at moving internal information to a more private space, such as Answers. 
        • In some ways, and in weighing multiple priorities, this Council may be able to be leveraged for communicating needs/challenges up through senior leadership to advocate for resources,. 
    • William recommended adding clarification to recommendations table for Recommendation 9 - we state that we expect various entities to put together timelines for remediation for software but should also add this clarification to Recommendation 9a for content. This has been updated in the table. 
    • It should be noted with regards to prioritization that there are some entities that will be more software-driven than content- driven, and vice-versa, while others will have both. Are we prioritizing one over the other?
      • In some ways, prioritizing software may be required to get to the content but perhaps we leave it to the various areas to decide on this priority. 
      • There may be an ongoing response to on-demand requests for specific content to be remediated. These on-demand requests will have to be prioritized. 
      • In the Table of Recommendations, for 9a, we added a note to ask our various content managers to come up with a strategy and timeline to remediate the content, since they know it best. 
  4. Recommendations
    • In the policy today, we have a restricted access definition, but we don’t really have a property management exception. The suggestion is to create a new exemption that would not require a process of evaluation by building management folks, in comparison to having an exception to the policy, which we grant for various and very specific reasons. 
    • Some pieces of hardware have software embedded into it. This can include equipment that does not have many options for alternatives (replacing controls for air conditioning units, or software that reads our electric meters, for example). The exemption makes a lot of sense because we’re working with something that has very limited options for alternatives. Even if something is exempt, it doesn’t change the fact that as a University we would find ways to provide accommodations where appropriate. 
    • We do want to be very careful about the precedent we are setting for long-term applications. The audience is very different in this case than other units on campus.  
    • So, we agree with this recommendation to exempt property management building codes, as they relate to ADA specifications for embedded building maintenance and monitoring equipment, and make the evaluation exempt from the policy.
  5. Next/Future Meeting
    • Review what we talked about, include examples of what would constitute the exemption for Recommendation 11 in the definition. 
    • Speak with the Procurement Office about Recommendation 3: Embed vendor obligations and tertiary links in the ICT Policy, Procurement Policy, or both (cross reference).