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  1. September: Attend APE Information Meeting.
  2. Complete the PHP 667 Graduate Practicum in Public Health Application, and upload a current resume and transcript.  

    1. To access the application and upload location for the resume and transcript, students will need to register for "Tevera", Falk's Internship planning and tracking system. Students can access Tevera by accessing the "PHP 675" Blackboard course and selecting the "Tevera" link on the main page.

    2. Students should submit their APE application, resume, and transcript by January 30th, prior to the summer of enrollment in PHP 667.
      *Students interested in an international placement should submit their materials by the end of the Fall semester prior to the summer of enrollment in PHP 667.

Spring Semester

  1. Complete the Applied Practice Preparation Milestone.
  2. Register for PHP 667, combined summer session. Permission to register for PHP 667 is granted upon the completion of the APE milestone.


The university must have a valid contract with any agency a student is placed. The contract process can take up to 3-4 months to complete. Students wanting a placement at an agency with which the University does not have a contract should speak with the PHP 667 Instructor during the Fall semester prior to PHP 667 enrollment.
*A contract is not needed if a student is accepted into an existing internship program within an agency or the placement is a paid experience.

Employment based

If a student wishes to request a placement in an agency they will be simultaneously employed, the following minimal conditions must be met: