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Types of Websites

External websites are public

What is an external website?

  • Public-facing
  • For marketing
, advertising and PR goals as their primary purpose. The college site is an external website. NO CONTENT intended for only
  • & advertising purposes
    • i.e. recruiting new students

What does NOT go on an external website?

  • Content meant for internal audiences (faculty, staff, current students)
such as
    • i.e. policies,
    • documentations, recommendations, etc
. can go on the main college site. They belong on an internal site for many reasons.  

Internal websites are meant for specific organizations and their audiences. In this case, VPA's internal audience consists mainly of

What is an internal website?

  • A website meant to communicate internal information 
    • i.e. staff, faculty, current
students, admitted students and alumni., what you're on right now, is Syracuse University's and the College's internal website. A section of Answers can be created and used as each office's own website. Answers offers all the functionality of a typical website but is easier to use and strips away unnecessary visual fluff.
  •  is an internal website


A microsite is a mini-website for external-facing audiences. Syracuse University's digital governance decides whether a microsite is available per request.


  • College primary navigation is hidden
  • Breadcrumbs are hidden
  • Minimal college/university branding
  • Can hide footer
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